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Oxford University Press is the world authority on the English Language and author of the Oxford English Dictionary. As part of the University of Oxford, its mission is to further the University’s objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide.

OUP is the world’s largest university press with the widest global presence, supporting both educational and academic needs. The department’s history can be traced back to when the first book was printed in Oxford in 1478. As far back as 1896, OUP opened its first overseas office in New York. Today, OUP has a presence in over fifty countries worldwide.

English Language Learning, or EnglishLL for short, is immensely proud to work in partnership with Oxford University Press. Our vision is to make the learning of English available, accessible and affordable to as many people as possible and support of the mission of Oxford University Press and the University of Oxford. We partner only with recognised and accredited organisations that share similar values and the mission to empower the world’s learners.