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The course has an 87% Completion Rate (students who finish the module) and a 92% Learner Satisfaction score.  Both figures are significantly higher than other online English learning courses thanks to the experts from Oxford University who developed the course.

The course is designed with flexibility in mind.  A 20 minute daily commitment combined with support from a coach and tutor will see you achieve great results.

Below is a brief summary of the course.  For more detail see How The Course Works section.

  • The course is divided into 12 modules. The modules are paired and a pair corresponds to a level of the CEFR ranging from A1 Beginner to C1 Advanced.
  • A learner can expect to complete a module in 3 months. This is equivalent to advancing a level of the CEFR in 6 months.
  • Each module has 12 units designed to develop the four core elements of English language – speaking, listening, reading and writing.
  • Each module includes learning, exercises and tests which work together to grow and test comprehension and improvement in ability. There are at least 50 hours of learning available in each module, along with many additional resources, creating a fully involving learning experience which is unlike any other course provider.
  • Placing you at the right learning level is essential to ensure that the English you learn is challenging and rewarding but not too advanced for you. By doing this, we can help you learn faster.  So, the course includes an integrated “placement test” which is specifically designed to assess your current level of English ability and ensure you begin your learning at the correct starting point.
  • The online Campus offers learners hours of extra practice through games, quizzes, articles, travel guides, grammar & vocabulary activities and e-books.
  • As each module is completed, a My Oxford English certificate is awarded to evidence and recognise the achievement. A learner has up to six months to complete a module.
  • In addition to the virtual tutor in the regular course, each module in the ELL King’s Course has the support of live coaches and tutors.