Who provides the courses?
The courses are created and run by Oxford University Press, a department of the University of Oxford.

Who is the course for? Beginners, Intermediates or Advanced learners?
The course covers all levels of the CEFR from A1 to C1.
There are modules available for levels A1, A2, B1, B1+,B2, C1.
The test at the start of the course helps to place you at the best level for you (not too easy and not too hard).
So whether you are a Beginner (A1, A2), Intermediate (B1, B1+, B2) or advanced (C1) student the course can help you achieve better English.  

Do I need to study all the levels?
No. The course in designed in modules and levels. In most cases, 2 modules = 1 level of the CEFR.  You should aim to improve your English one level at a time.  

Also you start the course at the level that most relevant to you.  So if you currently have an intermediate level of English, the test at the start of the course will assess whether you are a B1, B1+ or B2 student and place you in the module that will help you learn best.  

In theory, you could be a beginner (A1) and take the course all the way through to an advanced level (C1).  However, most students want to improve their English by only 1 or 2 levels of the CEFR. 

Are there fixed study hours?
The course is self-study so you can learn as much or as little as you wish depending on the time that you have available on any day.  Overall, you have six months to complete a module.

What happens once I’ve paid?
Once you make a payment, you will receive an Order Confirmation from us and our international payment partners Worldpay (Worldpay Group PLC – listed on the London Stock Exchange).  We then pass your details to Oxford University Press who will enrol you onto the Course.  Once you are enrolled, we will confirm your user name and password and provide you with a link to login to the Course.

When is the course available for me to use?
Once you are registered with a start date, the Course is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Unless there is a technical issue at Oxford University Press, the Course should always be available.

What’s the difference between the regular course and the ELL Kings Course?
The Study Course includes a virtual tutor.  The ELL Kings Course includes a real life tutor as well as the virtual tutor.

Can I pay in my local currency?
The modules are priced in Euros, US dollars and GB pounds only. 

Can I buy a gift certificate?
Yes.  Please see the ‘How To Buy’ section of the website

If I pass the Course can I apply to the University of Oxford
The University of Oxford has its own very specific entry requirements.  Please contact the University of Oxford or see the University of Oxford’s website.

I don’t know my current level on the CEFR. Does that matter?
No.  An initial test at the very start of the course (consisting of 60 questions) will measure your existing level of English.

Can I buy Modules for my school or other organisation?
Yes.  Please send us an email using the ‘Contact Us’ section of the website.

Can I share a Course with a friend?
The Course is designed for individual study.  It is not possible for more than one person to use your Module.

What happens if my code does not work?
Please email us (see Contact Us section of the website) and we’ll work with Oxford University Press to ensure the problem is resolved as soon as possible

Can I study with others?
The Course is designed for individual study.  However, you may wish to set up social media groups to share your experiences and if you have come through an institution, they may have organised group coaching or their own social platform.

I’m interested in buying a number of Modules for myself, my family or my organisation. Is a discount available?
There is a discount for buying a Level (ie 2 Modules) rather than a single Module.  No further discounts are available.

A friend of mine did the MyOxfordEnglish Course through their employer? Is this the same Course?
The same courses are available to both individuals and organisations.

Why is the Course more successful than other provider’s courses?
The Course was developed by Oxford University Press – the World’s leading provider of English Language Teaching materials.  The focus is quality – to create a Course that successfully helps people learn English – rather than price.

How long will it take to complete a level of the CEFR?
Everyone learns differently.  However, Oxford University Press developed the Course with the expectation that most people should pass a Module within 3 months.

How many people have taken the Course before?
Over 200,000 people have taken the Course which has an 87% completion rate and a 92% customer satisfaction score.

Is there support in my language?
There is instructional text in many languages at the beginner level, including Spanish, Portuguese, French, Mandarin and Korean. Once you reach a certain level of learning, the module is all in English as it’s expected that you will be comfortable with the language by this stage.

Is the Course available in my country?
The Course is available to students across the World.

How do I pass a level of the CEFR?
Generally, there are two Modules for each level of the CEFR.  The only exception is level B1 where there is an additional level B1+.

How do I set up a username and password?
Your username and a temporary password will be sent to you by Oxford University Press. Your username will be your email address.

How do I know which level on the CEFR I am already at?
An initial test at the very start of the course (consisting of 60 questions) will measure your existing level of English and automatically place you in the most appropriate level (neither too easy nor too hard) of the course to enable you to succeed.

What do the Coaches and Tutors do?
For the ELL Kings Course, the coaches and tutors are there to motivate and guide you to reach your goals, answering any questions you may have about the language, using the course, your progress and/or learning objectives.

Does the course run on mobile devices?
The course will run on tablets, laptops or desktop PCs.  However, we do not recommend that you try to do the course on a mobile phone.

What equipment will I need?
To access MyOxfordEnglish, you can use either: Windows PC, Apple Mac, Android tablet or iPad. The device will need a microphone and internal or external speakers or headphones.

Do I get a Certificate?
When you successfully complete a module, you can generate a certificate to prove your achievement.   

Is the completion certificate accepted by universities and governments for further study and/or employment?
The course is a great way to learn English.  It can prepare you for formal exams (such as IELTS, TOEFL) which are often required by universities and governments.  However, specific requirements vary widely and we would advise you to check with the relevant university or government directly to find out what is required.

Will I pass each module?
Each person learns differently.  Some people will pass a module very quickly.  Other people will need more time.  Oxford University Press has designed the course to be as user-friendly as possible.  An initial test, consisting of 60 questions, will measure your existing level of English and automatically place you in the most appropriate level of the course to encourage you to succeed (neither too easy nor too hard). There are over 50 hours of learning available in each Module and you have six months to complete a Module.  Oxford University Press believes that most people should be able to pass a Module within 3 months.  However, there is no guarantee – as in all examinations, whether you pass will be based on your own abilities and commitment.