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Learn English with Jennifer and Oxford

Hello everyone! I have some very exciting learning opportunities to share with you.

Over the years, I’ve searched for ways to extend learning beyond my videos, including live events and self-paced instruction. For ten years now, I’ve done my best to offer as much quality instruction as I can to online learners.

One option I haven’t provided until now is a fully structured course that covers all skills at all levels of proficiency, from basic to advanced. I know that some of you would greatly value the chance to enroll in a comprehensive English language program, so I’m very happy that I can share a special offer with you to help you access a quality English language program at a reasonable price.

My Oxford English is an online language course. This self-study program was designed by Oxford University Press (which is part of the prestigious University of Oxford in England). Working with Oxford and English Language Learning,  I have been able to create a unique opportunity for learners who are ready to make a serious commitment to their language studies.

My Oxford English is a course that has mostly been sold to large institutions and big companies. Of course, the budget of a large corporation is much higher than what an individual student can pay, so keep reading because I’m going to tell you about a significant discount!

Many of you are likely studying for academic or professional reasons. It’s very helpful to know where your current level of English is and where you need to be. One widely accepted system to measure English proficiency is the CEFR, the Common European Framework of Reference. My Oxford English is aligned with the CEFR, so you can be sure that your studies with this program are helping you cover the topics and skills needed to advance to the next level. Studying with an online course that’s designed to fit the CEFR will help you prepare for standardized tests, like IELTS.

A fully structured course that covers all skills at all levels is never going to be free, especially if it’s designed by top educators. If you’re serious about studying English on a daily basis to reach a new level, then it’s time to consider making an investment.  The folks at English Language Learning have helped me secure a very good discount.

The My Oxford English course has 12 modules.  Two modules combine to make up one level. There’s an online assessment to determine your current level, and then you work your way up through the course. One level usually costs $478. However, I’m able to offer a level to my YouTube viewers for only $269. That’s a saving of more than 40%!

$269 will buy you one level of the online course. One level has two modules, and each module offers around 50 hours of learning. If you keep in mind that a qualified private instructor will charge between $50 and $100 for a one-hour lesson, then $269 for 100 hours of study is a remarkable value.  This is an exclusive offer – no one else is offering the same deal.

Up to 500 of you can get this discount by using my link. The offer is only available through my channel, English with Jennifer, and the deal ends once 500 have been sold.

Some of you may question whether it’s worth spending over two hundred dollars on a self-study program. There are many programs out there, so how do you know which one, if any, is worth it? One way to make a wise selection is to consider the writers and the publishers. Who are they? Oxford University Press is a global educational publisher and part of the University of Oxford itself.  So partly what you’re paying for is the guarantee of quality instruction. A leading publisher like Oxford assembles a strong team of writers, editors, and designers. You can be sure you’ll be studying with high quality materials.  I believe you can expect a high standard of instruction from Oxford University Press. You’re paying for the quality of the course and expertise of the writers.

How to Buy

 Buy securely with Stripe, one of the World’s leading online payment organizations (see for further details).

Included: 100 hours of interactive learning with vocabulary and grammar exercises, e-book classics for your level of English, a virtual teacher, online dictionary, a placement test and in-course testing plus a completion certificate.

Buy 2 modules:  normal price $478 (US$)
now only $269

To buy, click the button below and complete the form.

One Level (= 2 modules) for $269

Want to find out more?

To find out more about learning with English Language Learning and Oxford University Press, please click on the links below:

Learn with us     How the course works     Visit our website      FAQs     Watch our videos

Contact Jennifer

You can contact Jennifer via her website at

Here are some important details about the My Oxford English course:

  • It’s a self-study course, but there’s a virtual tutor for support.
  • The course covers all levels of the CEFR:  A1, A2, B1, B2, C1.  So whether you are a Beginner (A1, A2), Intermediate (B1, B2) or Advanced (C1) student, the course can help your English.
  • You should aim to improve your English one level at a time.  A 60-question test at the start of the course will help place you at the best level for you – not too easy, but not too hard.
  • You can study on a PC or tablet.
  • A module is available up to six months, but with a 20-minute daily commitment, a module can be completed in three months. With two modules per level, that means you can expect to move up one level within six months.
  • When you complete a module, you’re awarded a certificate to recognize your achievement.
  • The course targets all skills: reading, writing, speaking, and listening. There are video lessons with conversations in work and everyday settings.
  • Oxford University Press is obviously based in the UK, so you shouldn’t be surprised to know that the course videos use British English. However, the vocabulary and grammar notes are available in American English. You’ll also gain access to their online dictionary, which includes British and American spelling patterns. In my opinion, the mix of American and British English is not a drawback, but rather a benefit. We live in a global world, and English is a global language. Being able to handle different varieties of English is an important skill and listening to a range of conversations with other speakers is a good thing.

Win a free My Oxford English Module (worth $239)

Now it’s time for my other big announcement.  I understand that even at a savings of 40% or more, some of you may not easily afford a self-study program. English Language Learning understands my commitment to delivering quality instruction to as many people as I can and they also care about making education accessible.

This is why English Language Learning has agreed to my request to offer a single module of My Oxford English to three learners …for FREE. This is a prize worth $239! Remember two modules make up one level of the course.

To enter the contest,  simply answer a question and submit your answer to me via my website contact form. I’ll announce the winners on Facebook on October 20.  If you’re one of the three winners, I’ll contact you directly through email.

Finally, if you win the contest and have already bought the special offer for $269, then English Language Learning will double the prize so that you get another whole level (2 modules) for free on top of the level you have purchased. 

Here’s the task to enter the contest:  In one of my vocabulary lessons, I teach expressions about making your dreams come true.  The link to that lesson is here.

Your task is to write an original sentence with one of the expressions I teach in that video.  Your sentence must use the expression correctly.  Small mistakes are okay, but your sentence must be understandable.

Send your answer to me through the contact form on my website by October 17.  Be sure to include your full name, country, and email address. All entries with correct examples will go into a drawing.  I’ll choose three names and announce the winners on October 20.

I hope many of you will take advantage of this incredibly low price for My Oxford English. Remember the offer ends as soon as 500 have been sold.

Good luck and happy studies!

Contact us if you have any questions