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When you study with English Language Learning and Oxford University Press you should be confident that you’re learning with the experts on the English language. Nine out of every ten students finish and enjoy the course.
(Source: Oxford University Press data:  87% student course completion; 92% of students are satisfied/very satisfied with the course; a learner has up to six months to complete a module).


The course is aligned to the Common European Framework of Reference (or “CEFR”). The CEFR helps you to find your current level of English ability and the level of English you need for the future.

The course is divided into 12 modules.  Two modules combine to make up one level of the CEFR (excluding B1).  If you took the full course it can help you progress from CEFR level A1 to level C1.  If you study as recommended, you can expect to complete a module in three months – this is equivalent to advancing a level of the CEFR in six months.

Each module includes learning, exercises and tests which work together to grow and test comprehension and improve your ability. There are at least 50 hours of learning available in each module, more in the higher levels, along with many additional resources.  These create a fully involved learning experience, which is unlike any other course provider.


An integrated English test at the start of the course will help to place you at the correct starting module.  For example, if your current level of English is A2 then the test will place you into Module 5.  It’s important that you start with the most relevant module – if you start too low you will find the course too easy but start to high and you will not learn as quickly as you are able.

As each module is completed, a My Oxford English certificate is awarded to evidence and recognise the achievement.

Also, the course prepares learners for the IELTS, TOEIC and TOEFL exams which are recognised by universities, employers and governments around the world.