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Finding the time to study can be a problem.  So Oxford has designed the course with flexibility in mind.  A 20 minute daily commitment can be enough to achieve great results.

Each module is available online, allowing you to learn whenever and wherever you wish and you can work at a speed that suits you.   You can log in or work offline at any time, picking up from where you left off to continue a variety of exercises.

Successfully learning a language depends on four key factors: motivation, quality of content, proven methodology and effective teaching. Our course, known as My Oxford English, offers the highest quality content designed to really interest and entertain you.

Each module includes learning, exercises and tests which work together to grow and test comprehension and improve English competency. There are at least 50 hours of learning available in each module, along with many additional resources that can allow for a learning experience unlike any other provider.  Each module includes high quality video that presents the topic, grammar and expressions done in an entertaining and memorable manner.

All the modules are based on real life and workplace experiences, which add real meaning to the learning experience.  There is also a large amount of additional learning resources included such as interactive activities, an exclusive reading and learning resource, a library of level-specific books, a grammar bank and language learning games plus a virtual teacher which is online 24/7 to provide additional support.

The virtual teacher introduces each section guiding you through the activities and giving explanations of the language presented, as well as pronunciation tips. Simulated conversation allows you to interact with characters from the videos. You will practice pronunciation extensively, recording your voice, and comparing you pronunciation of the new vocabulary with that of a native English speaker.

The online Campus is a virtual area where you can practice what you have learnt in the course.   The campus includes games to quizzes, articles, travel guides, grammar and vocabulary activities. The Campus includes a library of more than 50 famous works of literature in e-book form that are adapted and graded to your specific level as you progress. As well as being a pleasurable read, these books reinforce learning and improve reading and listening skills and develop vocabulary.

Also, you can access two exclusive Oxford study tools integrated into the platform:  (i) an online Oxford Dictionary with English and American English spelling and audio pronunciation and (ii) the Oxford Grammar Bank: a quick-reference grammar guide containing clear and concise summaries and examples.

Also included within the ELL King’s Course is time with real-life and real-time coaches who monitor progress and provide support and personalised feedback.